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I had a really bad night sleep. It started off great but by 3:17am it just went down hill. I still don’t know why my cats have to choose the floor by the foot of the bed in the dead of … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Father

My career in teaching was spent in the tiny school district of Sherwood.   It most definitely was not the Sherwood of today where urban sprawl barrels toward the coast range.  Twenty-some years ago Sherwood was a small farm town … Continue reading

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Snake Bites, Waffle Pattern Rashes, Red Licorice Vomit, and Cheez-It Orange Poop Moments

My husband Jeff is awesome with the kids and I have to admit,  usually when I’m not there to hyper manage their life they have come away every time with all their limbs attached.  Actually, I think they all have … Continue reading

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A Step Back in Time

I come from a long line of Irish storytellers.  Its remarkable to think about how the ability to archive special stories in a family’s life has evolved with the advent of computer technology.  We can share just about everything with … Continue reading

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