Four Boys and One Cool Uncle

photo        I’ve been asked a time or two or twenty, “Four boys…HOW?”
        Well, a little inside info, just between you and me.  One word.  Tim.
        My brother Tim is a free spirit, always has been always will be.  We’ve survived his early Joey Romone days, his  creepy Sid Vicious days, and his Haight Ashbury meets Metallica days.   It was during his days in San Francisco, where he financed his starving musician career by being a bike messenger and a high rise window washer, that he got a tattoo that will go down in Murphy lore as the best argument against permanently altering the pasty white  skin God gave you.
       Tim was a heavy metal bass player.  They would play late into the night and usually drink through their sets.  After one gig they headed out to the store to get some more beer and came across a sign in the frozen food aisle, March is Frozen Food Month.  The words formed a circle around a penguin.  For some reason it really caught Tim’s inebriated eye so when they got back to his place he asked one of his band members to tattoo that exact sign on his knee cap.  The band member, being equally drunk agreed and went ahead to make a home made tattoo on Tim’s knee cap of the March is Frozen Food Month sign, complete with the  penguin.  Funny thing is that being drunk the band mate misspelled the word Month.  So Tim has, forever and a day, tattooed on his knee cap March is Frozen Food Mounth.1545724_203429183182634_935663870_n
        Tim is THAT cool uncle. Today, he travels the world with Cirque du Soleil.   And he wears shorts wherever he goes so the world can see his knees…and his tattoo.    I have another brother too. He is the yin to Tim’s Yang.   His name is Dan and he’s THAT super nice genius uncle…but he doesn’t have a tattoo.
         So, I had Mr. Peabody as one brother and Motorhead as the other.  This is why having four sons from four different countries doesn’t challenge me in the least bit…because you can’t get much more diverse than what I had growing up.
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2 Responses to Four Boys and One Cool Uncle

  1. Bruno Bersani says:

    Your brother is one of the finest men I’ve ever known, and definitely the funniest.

  2. Bruno…I 100% agree!

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