80 Days and Counting Down

One thousand four hundred and forty minutes.

A moment of dread is pulsating through my veins.

One thousand four hundred and forty minutes.

Until the final bell of the school year rings.

I’m gearing up.  Prepping my mind and my house for the onslaught of five kids (and probably half the football team too)  suddenly descending on my otherwise tranquil, serene, and quiet existence between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.  My bon bons have been stowed away in the back of the garage freezer until next fall.  My soap operas have been deleted from my DVR.  The luxury of watching my dog Charlie’s hair grow? Gone.  The pleasure of vacuuming the  carpet in the morning and watching it stay clean all day.  Gone.

And so now I shift to a daily dose of this realty, a  journal entry from the first day of vacation several years ago BN (Before Noah).

9:30 am- The warning has been issued.  Lift the lid or pay the consequences.  All for one/ one for all.  Piddle on the seat…all those with “kibbles and bits” clean the toilets.

9:50 am- Check mouse trap.. caught another one.  Scream for  Zak.  Smiles while he releases trap and examines corpse.  Observation from Zak: mice do not have time to lick lips clean of peanut butter when caught in trap.

11:45 am- No one ‘fesses up’ to the newly discovered yellow liquid droplets on toilet seat…4 toilets, 3 boys, 3 toilet brushes … toilets spotless

1:25 pm- First episode of snickering in reference to male body parts…documented first eye rolling of summer by Hannah. 

2:53 pm- Blood drawn…dog chain swung by Zak smacks Nick in head.  Investigate.  Conclusion: Accident    First Aid applied… time out given.   

3:13 pm-  2.5 lb bag of M&M’s spill across floor…race between kids to consume before Duncan.  First loud whistle from fingers to maintain order this summer.  

4:27 pm  Hannah proclaims  “I’m bored”

7:14 pm  James Bond theme resonates throughout house…major Nerf gun battle erupts…foam bullets flying…Sam mumbles Buonas Noches Amigo… shoots Nick in  back with 16 shot rapid fire Nerf gun…picking  foam bullets out of boiling noodles on stovetop…Hannah joins battle… new Bond girl??  

 7:46 pm Battle ends… Hannah triumphs … nothing spells (or smells)  VICTORY like spraying brother’s protective athletic cup for baseball with Wild Honeysuckle Body Splash… Sweet Smell  of  Honeysuckle Victory permeates house, boys, Nick’s cup….

8:20 pm Merlot…

11:09 pm  Calendar located…  first day of school : 70 more days … tick tock tick tock.


I look back at what I wrote and chuckle.  Okay, so they occupy my life 24/7 for three months, but you have to admit, with an open mind and an even more expansive sense of humor raising four boys (and probably half the football team too) and a young lady in the Pacific Northwest makes for a pretty fun time!

One thousand four hundred and forty minutes.  Bring in on!  Happy Summer!!

The White Salmon RIver Crater Lake, Oregon County Fair Lopez Island Straights of San Juan Ft. Vancouver, WA Camp Kiwanilong Campfires family Smoky Mountains, TN Lopez Island, WA Summercamp Fort Clatsop, Oregon Redneck Swim Club Waterwings to water the garden Ireland Family Epic airsoft battles Mt. Rainer Silver Falls Family Campfire in our backyard Redneck Swim Club Civil War reenactment Salamander fishin' at Alderbrook Kayaking in the San Juan Islands Family! Smith River, California Grants Pass, Oregon My sanctuary Fourth of July pie eating contest Pikes Place Market Somewhere in the middle of nowhere Random trip to Portland Summer baseball in the front field Alki Beach, West Seattle

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