Pictures do tell a thousand words…and then some

Four years ago, after twenty-two hours of travel between Addis Ababa and Portland, Oregon, Noah met the rest of the family.  Rather than write about it I figured I would show you through the pictures my friend Kathryn took of our first few moments as a growing family.  It’s funny, but every time I see the vibrant purple and green carpet of PDX my heart goes back to those first moments when one by one our family grew just beyond the carrousels of baggage claim. 

Moments before Noah and I stepped through the door of customs and out into the airport baggage claim level.

Hannah waits…another brother…

Noah seeing his new family for the very first time

Brothers meet

Zak getting down to Noah’s level…he had been in Noah’s “shoes” six years before

Sometimes you just gotta play…

Bright eyed and ready to greet his new world

My dad!

And then we were seven…

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One Response to Pictures do tell a thousand words…and then some

  1. laura gaukroger-holland says:

    Simply love it!

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