Sum…sum…summer time!

ImageWell…20 minutes from now they’ll be done.  Summer vacation begins.   I know I should be happy, they’ve worked hard to earn this time away from the books but as a stay-at-home mom I hand my work place over to the masses and that in itself, for this control freak, is a transition that is challenging regardless of how many years I’ve been doing this.  So I reflect back to something I wrote six years ago on the first day of summer vacation, to a simpler time, when I only had four kids…fifteen Nerf guns…three pets…and the patience of a lounging Golden Retriever .  Enjoy!

9:30 am- The warning has been issued.  Lift the lid or pay the consequences.  All for one/ one for all.  Piddle on the seat…all those with “kibbles and bits” clean the toilets.

9:50 am- Check mouse trap…caught another one.  Scream for Zak.  Smiles while he releases trap and examines corpse.  Observation from Zak: mice do not have time to lick lips clean of peanut butter when caught in trap.


11:45 am- No one ‘fesses up’ to the newly discovered yellow liquid droplets on toilet seat…4 toilets, 3 boys, 3 toilet brushes … toilets spotless


1:25 pm- First episode of snickering in reference to male body parts…documented first eye rolling of summer by Hannah.


2:53 pm- Blood drawn…dog chain swung by Zak smacks Nick in head.  Investigate.  Conclusion: Accident    First Aid applied… time out given.  


3:13 pm-  2.5 lb bag of M&M’s spill across floor…race between kids to consume before Duncan.  First loud whistle from fingers to maintain order this summer. 


4:27 pm  Hannah proclaims  “I’m bored”


7:14 pm  James Bond theme resonates throughout house…major Nerf gun battle erupts…foam bullets flying…Sam mumbles Buonas Noches Amigo… shoots Nick in  back with 16 shot rapid fire Nerf gun…picking  foam bullets out of boiling noodles on stovetop…Hannah joins battle… new Bond girl?? 


7:46 pm Battle ends… Hannah triumphs … nothing spells (or smells)  VICTORY like spraying brother’s protective athletic cup for baseball with Wild Honeysuckle Body Splash… Sweet Smell  of  Honeysuckle Victory permeates house, boys, Nick’s cup….


8:20 pm Merlot…


11:09 pm  Calendar located…  first day of school : 70 more days … tick tock tick tock.    

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One Response to Sum…sum…summer time!

  1. Rebecca Watson says:

    Julie, LOVE this!

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