A Step Back in Time

I come from a long line of Irish storytellers.  Its remarkable to think about how the ability to archive special stories in a family’s life has evolved with the advent of computer technology.  We can share just about everything with a single click of the ‘send’ button.   If only my my grandpa had a laptop when he traveled across the Atlantic in 1920, oh the stories he could have shared!  If only…

I have shared many a story of our family over the past several years in our annual Christmas letter. When I’ve compose the letter I always try to keep it real…to make it about every day life more than  single accomplishments. Its not to brag…its to share.   Without a doubt the story that is mentioned, repeated, laughed about over and over again among our friends and family is the epic story about the day we got our cats five year ago.  God Bless my husband Jeff for smiling graciously every time the story is told.  For my new friends, here it is:

This summer we were driving down the hill.  Closing in on the bottom we spotted some neighbors selling kittens.  The kids and I collectively said “aahhhhhh” and wished we could get one.  Nick, never one to count to ten and then react but instead  being the one who strives for immediate gratification, took the bull by the horns and said he was going to call his dad and ask if we can get one. 

He dials up HD Supply, asks for his dad, is put on hold, and then once his dad answers, spits out his question without pause in two seconds or less, “Dad can we get a kitten?”

Nick listens to his dad’s response while the rest of the mini-van’s passengers hold their breath, waiting, praying, hoping.

“We’ll have it in the laundry room at night like we did with Murphy.”

One again, Nick listens to Jeff’s words while we anxiously wait.

“Two?  We can get two?”

The Odyssey erupts into applause.  Two kittens!

“Alright Dad, I love you.”

Hannah and I are shocked that Jeff would agree so easily!   And to two kittens!  We drive a little ways out of our village when Hannah decides she is going to call Jeff and make sure he understands we are serious.

Hannah gets on the phone, ” Dad?  We were serious about getting a kitten, just so you know.”

Pause, while Jeff talks.

“Kitten Dad!  Kitten as in C-A-T”

Pause. Eye roll. Deep breath followed my an OMG.

“No Dad, Nick didn’t ask for chickens, he asked if we could get a kitten.”

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…he readily said yes to getting not one but two chickens and keeping them in our laundry room and still had some reservations about getting a kitten?  Any argument Jeff had over getting a kitten was  lost in his agreement to get two chickens.  We were at the Oregon Humane Society within hours of Jeff’s “agreement” picking out our very own cuddly chicks…Will and Tucker.

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One Response to A Step Back in Time

  1. nancy murphy says:

    Is that film clip of Tucker and the donation jars still available on line? That is a perfect illustration of the joys (and tribulations) of cats in the family. I still smile about that episode.

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