An old friend….

                               Noah, Teklu, Sam, Menywab and Megan at the WACAP picnic
                                            Teklu and Menywab spent the weekend with us
                              Noah insisted on dressing up when we went up the gorge for brunch
                     Finalization Day!!!  Noah officially became a Barclay and our family was complete
                            First day of school!!  He was ready…and very excited to start 2nd grade.

What a month we have had!  Noah has had a wonderful end of summer.  Probably the highlight for Noah was the visit of Ato Teklu (ET country representative for WACAP), his second ‘dad’ after he was housed at WACAP House in Ethiopia.  While Noah was waiting to come to our family Ato Teklu was an amazing comfort to Noah.  Teklu was in the states on the invite of WACAP.  He was able to see many of ‘his’ children who had been adopted.  Also visiting was Ato Menywab, the director  of Bete Hitsanat, the initial orphanage that housed Noah before he was moved to WACAP house.  We offered to have both men stay at our house during part of their stay and were very pleased that WACAP said yes.  We had a wonderful visit with lots of laughs with these wonderful men.  More importantly, Noah re-connected with Ato Teklu.  It was very special to see.
Noah’s adoption was also finalized this past month.  He is now 100% family. : >)
Finally…two days ago Noah started 2nd grade.  His tutoring this summer helped him catch up to  his classmates for the most part.  We are confident he is going to have a wonderful year.
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2 Responses to An old friend….

  1. Heather says:

    i don’t know if you will see this comment, as you wrote this post a very long time ago, but my daughter also spent time at an orphanage called bete hitsanat. she was there the beginning of 2011. i am looking for photos and or people who might have worked there at the time. do you have any connection there still?

    • Hi Heather…I never really had a connection with bete hitsanat other than hosting the director at our house for a couple of nights 7 or so years ago. I wish I couldn’t be more of a help! Is your daughter from Dessie or Kombulcha?

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