A New Phase of our lives…

When our son Zak was learning the English language he kept us giggling with what we have come to affectionately term as Zakisms.  Now that Noah’s language is coming on full force we are now entering a whole new generations of ‘isms.’  I’m so excited to announce that we are now welcoming Noahisms into our lives.  For example, today Noah was reading to his 5th grade buddy Haley.  He was looking at the pictures to help him connect with the words.  He got to a picture of a pig and her piglets.  When he got to the word piglet he was able to figure out the first half of the word. “P-I-G”.    Slowly, to himself, he sounded out the letters.  Proudly he looked up to us and was ready to say the entire word.  Haley and I were ready for it…ready to cheer on his success.  He looked at us with his big brown eyes and smiled ready for us to cheer on his sentence in full.  “Big pigs have little pigs.  Little pigs are called…P-IGGLOOS.”   Usually Haley and I can hold in our “that is so cute” surprised smiles or we can correct him with a sly endearing smile but we just couldn’t today.  We just busted up laughing…it was just so darn cute.  He so believed himself that he was right and that baby pigs were called pigloos. : >)
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