Snow! Snow! Snow!

The first snow flake in Noah’s life was really quite hilarious.  We’ve been anxiously waiting for Noah’s first snow because as with every other new thing in Noah’s life, we knew this would be full of drama and excitement.   “Cyber Zak” was monitoring the impending snow storm on the satellite radar on the Mac…watching as the blue radar cloud of snow surrounding our ‘home’ was slowly closing in on the tiny ‘island’ of green on the radar.  In Zak’s words, “Snow… is… coming”.  Here’s the blow by blow.

“Snow fall 1.33 miles away.”  5 minutes later…reload.   “Snow is now .94 miles away.”   5 minutes later…reload.  “Snow .26 miles away.”  Remember…these updates are not smooth and calming like those you would hear  from Rhonda on Channel 2…these are all out bombastic yells.

Soon all the boys were huddled around the computer screen.  Zak reloads the image and the arrow indicating our exact location is now covered in blue.  Zak raises his arms to the sky and yells, “SNOW IS HERE!”  The boys are jumping around dancing…staring at the computer and the blueness covering the map…backs totally turned to the window where if they had checked for themselves they would have seen the first snowflake fall.  Jeff and I just sat at the table rolling our eyes.  Zak does have a way of commanding attention…even when the first snow of winter is knocking at the back door.  

So…on to Noah’s reaction.  After I told the kids to turn around and check out the real deal the race was on to see who could get out first.  After years of practice Sam, Nick, and Zak knew the protocol for getting their snow clothes on.  Noah…well…I kind of forgot to do the low down for getting dressed for snow.  In the hustle and cloud of snow clothes I realized Noah was not among the others.   Instead, he was already outside…boots but no socks…sweatshirt but no coat and  no gloves…gazing out into our  green field… snowboard tucked under his arm…starring down the green grass…waiting… as if he was a surfer on the oceans edge… waiting for that one big perfect wave.  He waited and waited…but sadly the snow never came…just that first little flake and maybe about 5000 more.  

Noah’s first snow was a bust…but I have a feeling come Wednesday or there about he will get another chance to actually experience his first taste of Pacific Northwest snowfall.  I’ll keep you posted. 

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